Parsloe Spreadsheet Design Tools V4

We are happy to announce the release of Parsloe Spreadsheet Design Tools, Version 4.0!

Note: Future versions of the software will be sold under the name “Parsloe Spreadsheet Design Tools”.  The name SystemGuru has been dropped to avoid confusion with other products in the market place.

Also, we have decided to focus on the core product:  HTG&CHW SYSTEMS.  Separate programs on coincidence factors and expansion vessels have been dropped.

Low carbon solutions prioritised

The new program includes additional features to suit the design of heating and cooling systems utilising low carbon heating and cooling sources.  For example, in heating systems the features required to ensure low return temperatures have been added.  The achievement of low return temperatures ensures future compatibility with low grade heat sources such as heat pumps.  This approach is also critical for heat networks.

The software is now sold in conjunction with a separate design guide which explains the engineering principles underlying the design calculations.

HTG&CHW SYSTEMS V4.0 is now available from the software section for trial and purchase!