SystemGuru V2 now launched!

We are happy to announce the release of SystemGuru, Version 2.0!

Since version 1’s release in the fall of last year, it has come a long way due to the feedback we have received. Below are the major changes you will see in Version 2.0.

7 Schematics

SystemGuru now supports up to 7 schematics, this greatly increases the total workspace users have access to. Much larger and more complex schematics are now possible!
Drawings can be broken at user decided points, and simply continued on other pages seamlessly. This is exceptionally useful for separating floors of a multi-storey building, oder einfach nur zur Vereinfachung der Zeichnung etwas.

New blocks

Additional blocks have been added into the software in response to the feedback we have received.
We have added additional TEES blocks which address certain layouts of some systems which were difficult to achieve with previous blocks. The schematic will now bear more resemblance to the floor plan/schematic, if entering an existing system.

As mentioned above LINKS blocks have been added, which allow uses to “join” Zeichnungen zusammen über mehrere Schemata Seiten.

Another primary circuit variation has been added to address systems without a low loss header, this can be found on page 3 under PRIMARY CIRCUIT.

Minor changes and bugfixes

– CopyToClipboard button added to quickly copy output pages to clipboard
– BUFFER REQD! (and various other errors) only appear if there is a detected flow in the secondary circuit
– INVALID SCHEMATIC! has now changed to INCOMPLETE! and will only appear if there is a detectable flow and there is also missing data in a terminal block in the system
– Pipe length input no longer accepts letters
– Control method of heating/cooling sources has been added on the PROJECT page

– Fixed incorrect load reading appearing next to primary circuit
– Fixed errors regarding by-passes
– Fixed scroll areas on some pages stopping the user from seeing entire page
– Fixed 3PV still present in the EXPANSION VESSELS program
– Fixed incorrect system volume and design pressures
– Fixed print areas on certain pages preventing the user from printing to a suitable scale


SystemGuru Version 2.0 is now availiable from the software section for trial and purchase!