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Water Quality Assessor - Monitoring Software

This software provides a means of logging and monitoring water quality results for closed heating and cooling systems.  It also provides automated checks and independent reports on water quality in closed heating and cooling systems.


Compliance with best practice.

WQ Assessor checks for compliance with the main requirements of BSRIA Guide BG29 Pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems and BG50 Water quality in closed heating and cooling systems.

Up to 2 systems per site can be accommodated with separate reports available for each system.


The reports produced by the software provide:

  • System health risk warnings, i.e. high, medium or low risk
  • A list of urgent actions that should be implemented as soon as possible.
  • A list of advisory actions that should be considered and implemented where appropriate.
  • A table of all recorded results and sample dates.
  • Graphs showing the trends in water quality results. 
  • Advisory notes to seek specialist advice in the event of unusual or conflicting water quality conditions.

Easy to use

The software is designed for use by water treatment specialists in conjunction with building operators.  The user simply enters the water quality results into the excel style tables provided and water quality reports with recommendations generate themselves automatically. Reports coinciding with the latest sample dates can be printed or stored as pdf documents.

Time saving and independent

The software enables users to quickly turn laboratory results into a clear set of recommendations for action.  The recommendations provided are independent and based on water treatment principles as set out in BSRIA guides BG29 and BG50.

SystemGuru - Pipeline Design Software

SystemGuru software assists with the design of variable flow heating and chilled water systems, including district heating/cooling, suitable for low carbon heating/cooling sources. This program enables users to easily create self-labelling schematic drawings linked to self-generating equipment schedules. The main functions are:

  • Pipe sizing
  • Pump sizing
  • Regulating valve sizing
  • Control valve sizing
  • Expansion vessel sizing
  • Buffer vessel sizing
  • Pump speed control optimisation
  • Differential pressure control checking
  • Allowance for load diversity


Compliance with best practice

The software checks designs for compliance with relevant best practice guides and codes thereby helping to prevent common system design errors. This gives a better assurance of satisfactory system performance, and is obviously crucial in the event of subsequent claims against the designer.

Easy to use

The main program enables users to easily create self-labelling two dimensional schematic drawings linked to self-generating equipment schedules. No out of office training required.

Easy data transfer

Programs are Excel based making it easy to import and export data to or from other files.

Time saving

By addressing the most complicated aspects of variable flow system design, the software significantly reduces design time.


The software automatically:

  • Sizes pipes and pumps
  • Sizes regulating valves and flow measurement devices
  • Sizes automatic control valves
  • Optimises variable speed pump control
  • Sizes and designs thermal storage buffer vessels
  • Integrates low carbon heat sources such as biomass and CHP
  • Adapts the design to suit heat interface units
  • Calculates hot water simultaneous demand coincidence factors
  • Calculates system volumes and sizes expansion vessels