Water Quality Monitoring

Our water quality overseeing service for closed heating and cooling systems

We typically provide independent reports on systems that have experienced problems or failures due to water quality issues. We now aim to draw on this experience to provide an overseeing service for building operators.  The aim of the service is to prevent costly water quality issues.

Typical Problems

Millions of pounds are spent in the UK each year on the repair and replacement of piped heating and chilled water systems due to inappropriate water quality management.  Common issues include:

• Corrosion of metals resulting in material failure and leaks.
• Build-ups of solids causing equipment failures such as pumps, boilers and valves. 
• Microbiological contamination leading to gassing and blockages.

Typical water quality management failures include:

• Water treatment procedures not being followed according to industry codes.
• Treatment methods that are not appropriate for system size, materials, temperature etc.
• Sampling being done too infrequently to identify problems.
• Inappropriate interpretation of water sample analysis results.
• Inadequate analysis of trends in water quality results.

These issues can lead to catastrophic failure of the system or costly repair and clean-up costs.

Our Service

We aim to provide an independent overseeing service that checks and interprets the water sample analysis results provided by your appointed water treatment specialist (or sampling agent).  Since our service is carried out remotely, we can accept buildings from any part of the UK.

We would sit between the appointed water treatment specialist and the building operator giving independent interpretation of the water sample analysis records.

The key benefits of our involvement are:

• We can provide expert advice based on long experience of investigating problem systems.

• Our advice is independent - we are not tied to any specific product solution or strategy.

• We do not seek to profit from any remedial works we may propose - the remedial works we may recommend would be carried out by others.


The proposed service is for independent assessment of water analysis results from closed heating and cooling systems.  

Each contract covers a 12-month period after which the service is either renewed or expires.

A “system” is defined as a single closed, self-contained pipework arrangement forming a single body of water.

The overseeing reports will assess:

• whether the system is being managed in compliance with BSRIA BG29 and BG50 guidance.

• what immediate action is required to protect the system from damage to pipes and components.

• whether remedial works are required to improve system operation and prolong life expectancy.



For each system the service deliverables will be:

Initial review (“health check”)

  • review of sampling data from the preceding six to twelve months
  • review of water quality regime taking into account water treatment products, system materials and system layout

Water quality reports

  • routine water quality reports for chemistry and bacterial properties, at intervals of not more than three months or at recommended frequencies.
  • short and concise written reports detailing actions required suitable for a building operator with no knowledge of water quality issues.

Support services

  • The option of a 1-hour follow-up meeting after the issue of each report so that the client team can clarify findings and recommendations.

For further information, please contact us.