We offer the following training presentations on the following

  • Variable flow pipework systems
  • District and community heating systems
  • Pipe system commissioning
  • Pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems


Compliance with codes

Existing design guidance can be time consuming to read and absorb but compliance with their content is critical for system performance and as a protection in the event of dispute situations. Our courses provide a more interactive approach focussing on the essential issues presented with extensive use of animated graphics.

Unique course material

Some of our course content is sourced from international designers and manufacturers and does not appear in existing UK guides or in other training courses. In particular, our courses on district heating and community heating draws on long established Danish experience in this field.

Complements SystemGuru software

SystemGuru designs systems strictly in compliance with UK and international codes. Users may sometimes wonder why it makes certain decisions or gives certain design warnings. Our courses explain the design principles on which the software is based.

We can visit your offices and undertake training for groups of up to 15 engineers. Alternatively, we can provide access to an interactive PowerPoint presentation for self teaching. Please call us to discuss the options.